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released June 29, 2015



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tritone England, UK

cavetown 2.0

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Track Name: sandbox
silhouette sandbox
our time is ticking
cold overgrown lawns
we're not talking
i'm five years old now
my dad made pancakes
striped yellow and brown
tshirts my mom made

i dont want to grow old
im pretty scared of growing older

i dont want to grow old by myself
will you grow older with me
Track Name: salem (cover)
i'm warmer on the holidays
parents sip their chardonnay
dont you want to be like you used to
harvard colours poison spill
leave like david copperfield
pepper on the trampoline
wrapping paper money
dont you want to feel like you used to
smaller next to monuments
pilot never wants to land
i like it how ur nose is shaped
the movies dont make me afraid
why wont they leave you at home by yourself
sugar on my orange clothes
sugar covered autumn clothes
cartons of drano
tulip in ur raincoat
dont u want me to move around like i used to
i separate myself
it doesnt sound nice
it doesnt sound nice
Track Name: keep it together
my kitchen's pretty small (but i dont complain)
i guess it would be nicer to have a little bit more space (come on lets stay sane)
i have more posters for my wall (keep it together)
i guess it's exciting to move on from this place (but we're not together)
Track Name: it's u
i guess it’s just another one of those nights
when i’ll spend way too much time
on something so small
that no one really cares about at all

i guess it’s just another one of those thoughts
and i can’t really find a cause
whether it’s all just in my mind
or something more here in my life

it’s u, it’s u, oh god it’s u, it’s u

if you’re awake then i am too
if you are lost then i’ll find you
if you are hurt then i’ll fix you

if you go blind i’ll describe the view
if you can’t feel then i’ll hold you
if you fall know i’ve got you

and if you fall down too far
and i can’t see you through these marks
and your eyes are covered in scars
and my head’s filling with tar
dont worry we'll find another way out

your silhouette doesn’t look quite right
and i can never find the time
to bury my hands in words
i'd grow a new kind of evergreen tree
just for you and me
on second thoughts will u even remember me

but it's always been u
it's always been u
it's u
is it me for u

(if not that's also fine)